ADGAP Fellowship Assessment Toolkit

The Fellowship Assessment Toolkit is available free of charge to ADGAP Institutional Members with Level 1 benefits on and is located in the library once members sign in. Any members having trouble logging into the website can reset their password by clicking here. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact Erin Obrusniak at A full list of ADGAP member benefits can be found here.

The Fellowship Assessment Toolkit is a compilation of tools submitted to ADGAP that were evaluated and then aligned to the Curricular and Reporting Milestones. The toolkit can be used as a resource for Fellowship Directors to evaluate fellows in a meaningful way. A volunteer working group (listed below), led by Dr. Helen Fernandez, participated in webinars and conference calls to explain what the tools are used for and how often, list their recommendations, and map the milestones. The working group also assessed and labeled each tool. All tools in the toolkit include a brief description, the intended audience and setting, as well as, the mapped Curricular and Reporting Milestones.

Assessment Tools Working Group

Steve Barczi, MD Helen Fernandez, MD, MPH
Kathryn Callahan, MD Lauren Gleason, MD
Serena Chao, MD Jennifer Hackel, MD
Kathryn Denson, MD Vivyenne Roche, MD
Manuel Eskildsen, MD Nancy Weintraub, MD
Anne Fabiny, MD Eric Widera, MD
Ronan Factora, MD Michi Yukawa, MD, MPH

In addition to the tools, the toolkit includes relevant resources for all assessment needs. The Geriatricized Reporting Milestones, the Internal Medicine Subspecialty Milestones, the EPAs, and Curricular Milestones can all be found in the Table of Contents.

If you have any tools you would like to submit to ADGAP to have featured in the toolkit, please send them to Erin Obrusniak at