Who We Are

The Association of Directors of Geriatric Academic Programs, Inc. (the ADGAP) is committed to advancing academic geriatrics programs and supporting academic geriatrics program directors in order to benefit and aid patient care, research, and teaching programs in geriatric medicine within accredited medical schools located in the United States. ADGAP has built and fostered new methods of facilitating the development of leadership skills among academic geriatricians and has provided an ongoing forum for Program Directors and leaders in academic geriatrics to discuss the wide variety of issues that they encounter.

The goals of ADGAP are:

  1. To identify emerging issues and problems pertaining to academic geriatric programs.
  2. To provide a forum to enhance communication among geriatric program leaders.
  3. To serve as a resource for information and data about academic geriatric programs.
  4. To promote the development of academic geriatric programs by assisting established programs as well as emerging programs and program directors.
  5. To issue pertinent policy statements and provide relevant information for influencing the creation of public policy.

Status as a 501(c)(3) Organization

In 2017, the ADGAP Board and ADGAP Institutional members voted to dissolve the status of ADGAP as a separate 501(c)(3) in an effort to save the yearly operational costs of maintaining a 501(c)(3) and allow ADGAP to do more as an organization for its members. This change will also help strengthen the already strong relationship between ADGAP and AGS and allow the organizations to collaborate more closely on activities that serve both our core membership (academic geriatrics) and the larger community of geriatrics health professionals that is served by AGS.

Click here to review the FAQs regarding the dissolution of the 501(c)(3) status.