Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Match Code of Ethics

Our Shared Commitment to Each Other

The success of the Geriatric Medicine Fellowship match is dependent on the trust and confidence we have in each other.  This is an earned trust – we gain credibility by adhering to our commitments, displaying honesty and integrity, and reaching our goals for the field of geriatric medicine solely through honorable conduct.

Our Code of Ethics

  1. All Association of Directors of Geriatric Academic Programs (ADGAP)-affiliated fellowship programs agree to participate in the NRMP Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Match, and in order to ensure the integrity of the match process, agree to enter all of their available fellowship positions into the Match.(see exceptions)
  2. Geriatric Medicine fellowship directors will honor and respect other fellowship programs in all written electronic and/or verbal communication with potential candidates.
  3. Communicating thanks to candidates for coming to a program for an interview is acceptable practice.  Applicants may contact the fellowship program with regards to specific questions left unanswered after an interview.  A phone call, text message, letter or e-mail to applicants to discuss specific questions not related to the rank order is also appropriate.  The fellowship programs may directly contact applicants if they are contacted by the NRMP as an unmatched program.
  4. If asked by the applicant to disclose where he/she is ranked, the program director should state that the rank order list is confidential and as a program participating in the NRMP Geriatric Fellowship Match this information cannot be disclosed.  Likewise, program directors may not ask applicants any questions regarding the applicants’ rank order lists.  However, it is permissible for program directors to indicate that applicants will be ranked in the matchable range for their program.

Benefits for Geriatric Academic Programs Who Sign the Code of Ethics

Only programs that adhere to the Geriatric Medicine Code of Ethics for the Match and who are members in good standing of ADGAP will:

  • have access to the Fellowship Assessment Toolkit on Geriatrics Care Online, discount on a central in-training exam (available in 2015), and program discounts for licensing  Geriatrics Care Online resources.
  • be listed as a Participating Institution on the AGS/ADGAP website under Geriatric Medicine Participation in the Match and be approved to display and publicize ADGAP’s endorsement on the program’s web site and fellowship match related documents.
  • be able to post jobs on the ADGAP list serv.
  • be eligible for the free Individual membership that comes with purchase of an ADGAP Institutional membership. 

Exceptions – A newly accredited program will be given a one year “grace period” to begin its participation in the NRMP Geriatric Medicine Fellowship match.