Membership FAQ

When does my ADGAP membership expire?
All ADGAP memberships expire on December 31.  ADGAP provides all members a 3 month grace period to renew.

How do I sign up for the listserv?
All ADGAP members are enrolled in the listserv once they join/renew their membership. No extra steps are needed.

How do I post a job to the listserv?
The ADGAP listserv is a bi-monthly publication that offers members the opportunity to post job openings. Simply send a 1-2 paragraph blurb to Erin Obrusniak.

How can I reach out to all ADGAP members?
If you’d like to send a survey, conference or webinar announcement, or highlight a project you are working on that would appeal to ADGAP members, please send an email to Erin Obrusniak with your request and if appropriate, we’d be happy to include it in the listserv.