Intersection With Other ADGAP Activities

At the 2013 ADGAP Leadership Retreat held in Coronado, California, listening sessions titled, “Future of Geriatrics,” were conducted as an opportunity for ADGAP members to discuss issues pertaining to geriatrics they saw as most imminent in assisting the field, ensuring its survival, and the role ADGAP should play. The information gathered during these sessions was synthesized in advance of the All-Inclusive Geriatrics Planning Summit (AGPS) held in Chicago in March 2013, led by Drs. Bill Hall and Richard Besdine and facilitated by Vivien Hoexter. The AGPS produced a list of specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound goals, otherwise known as SMART goals, strategies, and tactics for consideration by stakeholder organizations including the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR), ADGAP, and the AGS.  The resulting AGPS report is being refined through a commenting process that includes input from ADGAP and AGS leaders and members.  The draft report was shared with Board Retreat attendees and Drs. Besdine and Hall presented their work to date.