Match Information

In 2013, Geriatric Medicine joined the Match and ADGAP/AGS have been working towards 100% participation in the Match since that time.  The Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Match is overseen by the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) Specialties Matching Service. The links on the left will help you with everything you need to know about the Match.

Beginning with the 2015 Match cycle, Geriatric Medicine will participate in the Medical Specialties Matching Program (MSMP). Geriatric Medicine is moving to an earlier Match date (previously in January) to assist in meeting the needs of both candidates and programs. In January 2015, the NRMP Board announced that subspecialties like Geriatric Medicine that recruit from multiple core disciplines will be able to join Matches in which the majority of programs recruit from a single core discipline. Participants in the MSMP have, up until now, recruited only from Internal Medicine Residency Programs. An earlier match date, and being in the same Match other subspecialties of internal medicine, was a key request from the fellowship program directors.

Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Match Code of Ethics
The ADGAP Fellowship Directors Work Group developed the Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Match Code of Ethics, which has been endorsed by the ADGAP Board and the AGS Executive Committee. ADGAP continues to work towards 100% of Geriatric Medicine Fellowship and Academic Program Directors signing the Code and going “all in.” In keeping with our commitment to transparency, programs that have signed the Code of Ethics are listed under Institution Participation.

Geriatric Fellowship Programs that are ADGAP Members in good standing and have signed the Code of Ethics will be able to access the Fellowship Directors Assessment Toolkit, an in-training exam (coming soon), and receive discounts on licenses that are available through