AGS/ADGAP All-In Geriatric Fellowship Medicine Match Policy

The success of the Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Match is dependent on the trust and confidence programs have in each other. Since implementing the AGS/ADGAP All-In Geriatric Medicine Match Policy in 2018, Geriatric Medicine has achieved 98% participation in the Medical Specialties Matching Program. The 2023 policy, found here, reflects updates to due dates and that we have simplified the process for Geriatrics Fellowship Program by moving to an online attestation of their agreement to abide by the requirements specified in the policy.

Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Programs that agree to participate in the All-In Geriatric Match are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Geriatric Fellowship and Program Directors from participating programs who are also members in good standing of ADGAP will have access to the ADGAP Fellowship Assessment Toolkit on
  • Participating programs will receive discounts for licensing Geriatrics Care Online resources. 
  • Participating programs will be listed on the AGS/ADGAP website Directory of Fellowships.
  • Participating programs who are also members in good standing of ADGAP will be able to post jobs on the ADGAP list serv.
  • Participating programs will have access to the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS)
  • Fellowship and Geriatric Academic Program Directors and faculty from participating programs are eligible to serve on AGS Committees

Roster of Participating Programs

AGS/ADGAP maintains a roster of participating programs that is accessible in the ADGAP member community via This roster is updated annually following the deadline for Fellowship Directors to submit their attestation that they have read, understand, and agree to abide by the requirements for participation in the All-In Geriatric Medicine Match.  

If your program is interested in participating in the All-In Geriatric Medicine Match, please contact:

Erin Obrusniak (