AGS/ADGAP Leadership and Life Skills Curriculum

What is the AGS/ADGAP Leadership & Life Skills Curriculum?

The AGS/ADGAP Leadership & Life Skills Curriculum (LLSC), available exclusively to AGS Fellows-in-Training and Early Career Professional members, is a self-guided course designed to help you develop a broad range of practical leadership and life skills to help advance your career, team, and organization.

Free Participation for AGS Fellows-in-Training and Early Career Professional Members

Please note: This program will run from August 2023 - July 1, 2024

For more information and to register for the LLSC, CLICK HERE

Registration is open through September 28, 2023


This online curriculum provides a broad range of practical leadership, life and career related knowledge and skills to fellows and early career health professionals.

Through a supportive online learning community of faculty and fellows from programs across the country, this curriculum provides a broad range of leadership, life and career-related knowledge and skills. Participants will complete a leadership self-analysis, understand and practice teaching skills, build a set of tools to combat burnout, practice effective communication and negotiation skills, learn and apply emotional intelligence and more.

Program Goals

  • Self-Discovery in Learning with topics centered around identifying aspirations, existing strengths, aspirational skill development and reflection.
  • Explore individual leadership aspirations/beliefs and how to share them effectively.
  • Understanding and putting into daily practice the basics of communication, emotional intelligence, self-compassion, resilience and grit as both a response to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic AND as key life skills important to becoming a fully effective clinician and leader.
  • Enhance leadership skills related to listening and communicating, including understanding how our social style preferences impact relationships and work.
  • Lay the groundwork for design and delivery of effective adult learning.

Program Structure

The AGS/ADGAP LLSC participants will have access to the Online Educational Modules thru July 31, 2023.  Throughout that time, registrants of the AGS/ADGAP LLSC will have access to:

  • Online self-guided educational modules on a variety of topics related to leadership, life and career-related knowledge and skills. 
  • Accompanying audio companions for an in-depth discussion on the topics, tools and concepts.
  • Journaling and Reflection exercises to guide the learner in how to put the content into practice.
  • Supplemental reading materials for a deeper dive on the topics.
  • Quarterly webinars led by the curriculum authors and advisors focusing on select module topics; using case studies and small groups to reinforce the content discussed.
  • Dedicated Online Community which, provides a virtual forum for all participants to network and share with each other. Participants can post questions, comments, or helpful information to share with other participants as well as connect with the AGS/ADGAP Leadership & Life Skills Course Faculty.


For more information, please contact Elisha Medina-Gallagher at