AGS CoCare

The AGS CoCare platform—a suite of programs for embedding geriatrics expertise in care for several critical concerns affecting older adults—helps position subscribers at the crossroads of interprofessional collaboration and the need for geriatrics as more of us age.

Launched in 2017 with AGS CoCare: Ortho™, a geriatrics-orthopedics co-management program to improve health outcomes for older adults hospitalized with hip fractures, the AGS CoCare series also now includes AGS CoCare: HELP, a seminal program for preventing delirium and loss of function among hospitalized older adults.  

AGS CoCare: Ortho™

Supported by The John A. Hartford Foundation, AGS CoCare: Ortho™ offers a roadmap for greater collaboration between geriatrics professionals (or specially trained geriatrics co-managers) and orthopedic surgeons to coordinate and improve the perioperative care of hip fractures for older adults. Because a geriatrics co-manager is involved in care as soon as possible, AGS CoCare: Ortho™ reduces risks for everything from infections to longer hospital stays.

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For millions of older adults, HELP has made health systems safer—and health care more effective. HELP does so by providing an organized system to manage markers of delirium and functional decline—from maintaining physical and cognitive well-being to maximizing independence in the transition from hospital to home.


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