Membership FAQ

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What is ADGAP?

A sister organization of the American Geriatrics Society focused on supporting academic geriatrics programs.

Who are ADGAP’s members?

ADGAP has more than 160 members from over 100 Institutions around the country and abroad. Membership is made up of geriatricians who hold positions as Division Chiefs, Fellowship Program Directors, and teaching faculty. Members also include Fellowship Program Coordinators and Administrators. Emeritus members are also welcome.

Does our Institution need to have a fellowship program in order to be a member?

No, you do not need to have a fellowship program at your Institution to be a member.

What are the benefits of ADGAP membership?

Visit our Membership page to learn all about ADGAP benefits.

How can I join?

You can join online by clicking here.

Can Osteopathic programs join ADGAP?


When does my ADGAP membership expire?

All ADGAP memberships expire on December 31.  ADGAP provides all members a 3 month grace period for renewal.

How do I sign up for the member email newsletter?

All ADGAP members are enrolled in the newsletter once they join/renew their membership. No extra steps are needed.

How do I post a job to the member email newsletter?

The ADGAP newsletter is a quarterly publication that offers members the opportunity to post job openings. Simply send a 1-2 paragraph blurb to Erin Obrusniak.

How can I reach out to all ADGAP members?

You can contact all ADGAP members directly via the ADGAP Member Forum on MyAGSOnline. Click here to log in.

If you’d like to send a survey, conference or webinar announcement, or highlight a project you are working on that would appeal to ADGAP members, please send an email to Erin Obrusniak with your request and if appropriate, we’d be happy to include it in the newsletter.

Where can I learn more about training requirements and career paths for geriatricians?

Please visit our Education and Training page to read more about training requirements.

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